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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and sick buildings

A can of worms...

Well, this one turned out to be more tricky to research than we anticipated. MCS is controversial - and some experts appear to be in disagreement as to whether MCS even exists!

By definition, MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome - is an increased sensitivity to certain synthetic chemicals and irritants which can lead to a wide array of symptoms. The general conception of MCS is that sufferers experience symptoms associated with exposure to levels of substances which do not appear to pose such a threat to other people. Sources state that the onset of MCS might be triggered by an initial exposure which leaves the person "sensitized".

Life for an MCS sufferer is said to be a nightmare - and may require them to live in an environment as free as possible from many chemical substances. This can of course be difficult because such substances are so commonplace in the modern world. It is interesting to note that some air purifier manufacturers such as IQAir appear to have addressed these concerns with some of their products - and have taken care to make air purifiers which do as little as possible to contribute to air pollution, through the use of special materials and construction.

MCS is a complex and controversial medical subject and thus is in many ways beyond the scope of this web site. We have mentioned it for the sake of completeness but encourage readers to do futher research and to seek professional medical care if they have symptoms.

Sick Building Syndrome is a condition whereby individuals may experience any one of a large number of symptoms, in association with a particular building. Out of a diverse number of possible causes, quite a number of them seem to be connected with contamination or poor air quality. Again, sick building syndrome is a highly complex subject.

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