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Ozone Generator

As the names says, ozone generators create ozone but are highly controversial, since ozone is toxic and a lung irritant. Ozone generators are often used in cleanup processes after fires, water damage or crime scenes, but the United States Environmental Protection Agency has deemed ozone generators unsafe and ineffective for general use as air purifiers and strongly recommends that they are not used for general air purification purposes.

Ozone is a colorless gas and is made from pure oxygen; only in a different molecular format to the oxygen in the air. Oxygen in air is made from two oxygen atoms, and is described as O2, whereas ozone is made from threee oxygen atoms and has the molecular formula O3. Ozone has completely different chemical properties to O2, and is a highly reactive gas with a strong disinfectant power, said to be 3,000 times that of cholorine. Ozone generators are also used in mold and mildew treatment.

Ozone generators are generally rated in terms of their ozone output, in millgrams per hour or mg/hour. The technology typically found in ozone generators is known as corona discharge


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