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8 Top Ideas and Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

1. Use less aerosols

Although they might make the air smell better, they are adding more substances to the air rather than getting rid of existing impurities.

2. Don't smoke cigarettes

Stating the obvious? It still needs to be said. Tobacco smoke contains many carcinogenic substances and other toxic pollutants.

3. Ventilate

Allow outdoor air into your home. Instructions:Open window or door. There! Assuming, of course, the air outside your home is fresher than the air inside! If you live in a polluted city (or if you are allergic to pollen), it might be better to get an air purifier and leave the doors and windows shut!

4. Use a stand-alone HEPA filter unit

These are efficient at removing particulate matter from the air, and may be more cost effective than running an HVAC system with filters installed.

5. Vacuum

Regular use of a modern vacuum cleaner, such as those with "cyclone action" and / or HEPA filters - these suck up the dust (and some of the dust mites!), and if there is less dust, there is less to become airborne! Dusting or sweeping may collect some dust but it also stirs some up, which we then breathe - and may potentially "move the dust around" to a certain extent rather than getting rid of it entirely.

6. Wash

Your fabrics! Wash bedding, curtains, cushion covers and other fabrics often. Use of a high temperature wash such as 130 deg F (if this is ok for the type of fabric you are using) will help get rid of dust mites.

7. Construction

If you are doing construction or renovations, you might want to investigate which building materials will not "off-gas". i.e. certain types of particle board and plywood use formaldehyde and this can escape. As the amount of "off-gassing" tends to decrease over time, it also might be worth "airing" new carpets, furniture etc. by leaving them in a garage or other dry, well-ventilated space for a while prior to installation.

8. Learn

Here's a great place to begin further research:a list of our more significant research sources / interesting further reading.

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