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Geodesic Dome Suppliers

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Geodesic domes are innovative structures that are light, strong, relatively inexpensive and potentially easy to dismantle and transport. Often used for temporary shelter and events - such as festivals - the geodesic shape is also sometimes utilized for more permanent dwellings.

"A geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a geodesic polyhedron. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size." - Wikipedia

Here is a list of Geodesic Dome Suppliers:

Name URLLocationNotes / more info
Albata Geodesics (website no longer available) Alabama, USA They offer custom built kits, design work and floor plans all kits come color coded and easy to assemble. Contact:(205) 665-7505 and Email:[email protected]
Aluminum Geodesic Spheres (AGS) (no website info found) Hallandale, Florida, USA Aluminium geodesic dome company. Contact:305-625-9436
VACONO Rheinfelden, Germany VACONO is a privately owned German company. Contact:(+49)(0)7623 / 93511
American Ingenuity, Inc. Florida, USA The first American Ingenuity dome was built in 1976 to house Busick's electronics business. This dome became the office/model of the American Ingenuity. Contact:321-639-8777
Conservatek Industries, Inc. Conroe, Texas CST Covers is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and construction of custom aluminum covers and aluminu domes. Contact:409-539-1747 and Email:[email protected]
CSC Domes Minnesota, USA Low-cost, temporary, inflatable geodesic, plastic covered domes. Semi-permament, steel pipe frame, aluminum or wood geodesic domes with covers. Contact:1-800-445-7547
Cupula Geodesica SL (no website info found) Valencia, Spain They offer Geodesic Dome kits, Homes, Shelter, Tent etc. Contact:+34 634695733 and Email:[email protected]
Dome Incorporated Minnesota, USA They manufacture efficient geodesic domes for a house, home, garage and many more. Contact:612-333-3663 and Email:[email protected]
The Dome Company Suffolk, UK Their geodesic domes are used at public, corporate and private events throughout the UK and beyond. Contact:01986872175 / 07966514046 and Email:[email protected]
Pacific Dome International Worldwide In 1979, Madre Grande Monastery in Southern California had a shelter need for its members. A dozen domes were made, using steel tubing and sail cloth covers. Contact:(888) 488-8127 and Email:[email protected]
Scott Mcleod Manufacturing Ohio, USA Manufacturer of ventilated geodesic domes, erected on your site by their crew or comes with a kit to instruct your crew. Contact:(330) 898-6804
Apex Domes Worldwide Owned by the TCAG company and they offer precision quality. premier design, innovation in application and unmatched field installation services. Contact:US:620-423-3010 and Email:[email protected]
Florida Domes Florida, USA You can find plenty of information on how to purchase plans for and build dome structures. Contact:352-481-3322 and Email:[email protected]
SOLALEYA Florida, USA Aside from domes house, they also design some other eco-friendly designs to offer a delicate blend of aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency. Contact:1-800-515-2755 and Email:[email protected]
Natural Space Domes Minnesota, USA It is uniquely designed for extremely high winds and earhtquakes. Contact:651-674-4292 and Email:[email protected]
Geometrica Worldwide Their structures are used in sports venue, convention centers, house of worships and domes for environmental protection. Contact:US:+ 1 (832) 220 1200 and Email:[email protected]
Desert Domes Louisiana, USA The owner is selling Dome frames online. You can find her contact info in the website.
Timberline Geosesics California, USA They have been designing dome packages that make it easy and practical and affordable for people to construct their own home. Contact:1-800-366-3466
Littlewood Geodesic Domes Littlewood Geodesic (Angelfire) Alberta, Canada They offers spacious low cost relocatable shelters. Contact:(780) 352-2569 and Email:[email protected]
Good Karma Domes Oklahama, USA They offer dome; erecting, dome roofing and the installation of dome ledger boards, dome extensions and many more. Contact:(405) 642-8226 and Email:[email protected]
Omega Dome Oregon, USA They make unique dome house, yet can please even those with the most traditional tastes that you can afford. Contact:(541) 935-5444 and Email:[email protected]
Project BIOHOME Nevada, USA They build or create self-sufficient homes that are the greenest home. Contact:Email:[email protected]
EconOdome Illinois, USA They offer Dome Home Kit that can help you bild your own dome. Contact:Email:[email protected]
South East Domes Tennessee, USA They offer Dome kit brochure that incules the front view, floor plan and complete price chart of each model. Contact:865-248-4161
Gravitonium Fuller House Worldwide They manufacture geodesic dome of any size, height and material combination to be used in any climate. Contact:+1 347 678 7974 Email:[email protected]

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