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List Of Wind Turbine Manufacturers

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Wind Turbine Manufacturers

A wind turbine is the device that converts wind energy into mechanical energy; a process known as wind power.

Here is our list of Wind Turbine Manufacturer Companies

NameLocationNotes / more info
Vestas Worldwide Vestas is a Danish a manufacturer, seller, installer and servicer of wind turbines. It operates manufacturing plants in Denmark, Germany, India, etc.. Contact: Denmark:(+45) 97 30 00 00 and Email:[email protected]
Shanghai Electric Windpower Equipment Co., LTD Shanghai, China Professional enterprise specializing in R&D, designing, manufacturing, technical consultancy as well as general contracting of large-scale wind turbines. Contact:021-34290800
Sinovel Beijing, China Specialized high-tech enterprise engaged in independent development, design, manufacturing and sale of large-scale onshore, offshore and intertidal series of wind turbines which are adaptable to a global variety of wind resources and environmental conditions. Contact:+8610 62515566
Goldwind Global Xinijang, China It is a wind turbine manufacturer founded in 1998. They also have offices and facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and in the Americas. Contact:+86 01-6751-1888 and Email:[email protected]
Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica Vizcaya, Spain Manufacturing company principally involved in the fabrication of wind turbines and the construction of wind farms. Contact:902 734 949 (From Spain) and +34 944 03 73 52 (Outside Spain)
Enercon Worldwide The 4th largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world. It has production facilities also in Sweden, Brazil, India, Canada, Turkey and Portugal. You can contact them in their website.
Suzlon Energy Limited Worldwide An Indian wind power company located in Pune, India and founded in 1995. Contact:India:+91-20-67022000
Siemens Wind Power Worldwide Formerly known as Danregn Vindkraft A/S and Bonus Energy A/S founded in Brande, Denmark but was moved to Hamburg, Germany when it was acquired Siemens of Germany in 2004. You can contact them thru their website.
Mingyang Wind Power Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China The company is focusing on designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing megawatt-class wind turbines. Contact:0760-28138666 and Email:[email protected] A Power Energy Systems A provider of distributed generation systems in China. In 2008, the company have entered the wind energy market and built the largest wind turbine manufacturing facility. Contact:86-24-85617888 Established in 1995, DeWind is one of the most experienced technology companies in the wind energy sector today, with more than 1000 systems of various performance classes in operation in over 15 countries. Contact:US:1(949) 250-9491
Alstom Cedex, France Alstom can help at all stages of your wind power project. From wind farm planning and construction of turbines and ongoing maintenance. Contact:+ 33 (0)1 4149 2000
GE Energy Worldwide GE is one of the world's leading suppliers of wind turbines. They also provide support services such as development assistance, operation and maintenance. You can contact them thru their website inquiry form.
Hyosung Seoul, South Korea Since the mid 1990s, the company has actively pursued the development of wind turbines, already having established the best technologies in the major component devices of wind turbine, including gearboxes, generators, controllers and towers. Contact:82-2-3668-5623
Lagerwey Wind Worldwide A Dutch company located in Barneveld and is focussed on the design of modern direct drive wind turbines. Contact:Netherland:+31(0)342 751935
LM Wind Power Worldwide It is the largest manufacturer of wind turbine blades in the world. The headquartered in Kolding, Denmark and they built production facilities in the major wind energy markets in 7 countires (Denmark, Spain, USA, Canada, India, China and Poland. Contact:+45 7984 0000 and Email: [email protected]
Nordex Hamburg, Germany A German company that designs, sells and manufactures wind turbines. You can contact them thru their online form.
Nordic Windpower Kansas, USA A privately owned manufacturer of wind turbines based in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States. Nordic Windpower filed for liquidation in the Kansas City Bankruptcy court in October 2012.
Northern Power Systems Vermont, USA A fully integrated company that designs, manufactures, and sells small-scale wind turbines. Contact:877-906-6784
PacWind California, USA The company is a wind turbine manufacturing and was founded in 1998. It is based in Torrance, California, United States. Contact: 503-617-6326
Raum Energy Inc. Saskatoon, Canada A company based in Saskatoon, Canada which designs and manufactures small-scale wind turbines, grid-tie inverter and battery charge controller systems. Contact:306-651-0586
REpower Systems Hamburg, Germany A German wind turbine company founded in 2001, which was subsequently acquired in December 2009 by Suzlon Energy Ltd. Contact:+49 405 5550 900
Southwest Windpower Flagstaff, Arizona A wind turbine manufacturer established in 1987 based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Contact:1 (928) 779-9463
WinWinD LTD. Espoo, Finland A wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Espoo, Finland. It manufactures and supplies wind turbines with capacity of 1 and 3 MW. Contact:+358 (0)207 410 160 and Email:[email protected]
Windflow Technology Christchurch, New Zealand A company based in Christchurch, New Zealand known for its unique wind turbine gearbox design. Contact:+64 3 365 8960

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